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Back again

My last post was about two weeks ago.  During that time, I visited the USA, came home and celebrated Shavuot.   No excuse for not posting.  I was lazy.  Oh well, time to get back into the swing of things.

It has been a nice week.  We celebrated the brit of a close friends grandson (hard to believe they are old enough to have four grandchildren) and a few bat-mitzvot.  Shavuot was interesting.  Our tradition is to stay up all night learning.  This year I had my regular chavruta to learn with.  It made the evening fly by.  We even made kiddush for the early minyan people at 7am!  Of course, then I went to sleep.

This weekend, we have a friend and his buddy from cleveland.  They have been here the past year studying at a seminary and will be leaving the country in a few weeks.  My sister's niece was also here this year.  She spent shavuot with us and will be going back soon.  It is sad to see them go, but we retain the hope that they will eventually come back to live in Israel.

We ar…

Out of Town

I have been in the USA for past weekend, so no menu posts. I was at my sisters for shabbat and she had a very nice group of interesting people over for lunch. I'm constantly surprised by the sophistication of people who live in the DC jewish community. One person was a professional businessman, one was a politician and one was a DARPA project manager. Their wives were equally successful, lawyers, professors and writers.

Go visit the DC community. You will not be bored.