A rough week and no guests

This was a rough week.  We had a number of serious medical issues in our family and extended family this week.  So far, so good, but none of the problems are going to go away.  Our oldest came from from his yeshiva to be with us for Shabbat.  Adding to the general atmosphere, no-one called to come for Shabbat.  Must be a busy week at the seminaries and yeshivot.  A weekend without guests is very slow....

All is not lost and life goes on.  First, we were able to accept and invitation to Friday night dinner.  One of our neighbors has been trying for months to invite us, but its very hard when we have guests.  Tonight, we will get one of our infrequent chances to be guests instead of hosts.

Another interesting development is that we accepted a border.  A young lady from our old home town of Pittsburgh made aliyah three weeks ago and is having a problem finding an appropriate place to live.  She arrived at a government absorption center and was placed in a room with a few other single females.  Unfortunately, they didn't keep kosher, so nix that place.   After another false start, she asked a friend from Pittsburgh for help.  They posted on our local email list and we responded.   We met her today and it was obvious that she would fit in.  She plans on moving in next week!

As far as Lunch plans, we invited another neighborhood family to come for lunch.  They are six, so lunch is a respectable 14.  Our guests are bringing some of the food.  Sometimes its nice to have a break.

Lunch - 14
Corned beef
Moshe B'Teva (pigs in a bun)
Stir fried cabbage w/ garlic and onions
Sauted confetti of vegetables (onions, peppers, celery)
Mixed rice (whole, white and red)


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