Kidney Update #1

Good news and Good news.

First, my son's creatinine levels declined for the first time in 4 months.  Ok, so they are still over 5.5, but were up around 6.4.  We are taking this as a good sign.  We have been told that once the kidney get sufficiently scarred, its a sure and slow decline until they stop functioning.  Creatinine levels are a measure of the kidney's ability to filter the blood.  Normal function is around 0.7 to 1.2.

The second bit of news is even better.  Our posts have been answered way beyond our wildest dreams.  As long time readers of this blog know, our community is very special.  There are about 500 families living here and together, they form one of the warmest kindest groups of people I have ever had the pleasure to know.

We posted on our local mailing list about 24 hours before I posted on this blog.  Within the first two days, we had more that six people volunteering to donate one of their kidneys to Asaf.  Don't they realize what a major decision that is?  And yet, these people are our friends, people we have known for some years.  They stepped up to donate because it was the right thing to do.  I don't know how we can reciprocate, but I do know that we will be forever grateful for their efforts, regardless of whether they actually donate their kidney or not.

We also heard from people who had donated over the past few years and at least one person send mail to tell us that they had received a kidney.   Some events serve to divide a community, others to bind it together.  Our circumstances seem to be of the second type, growing closer with every passing day.

We thank you all for your wishes and prayers.


Rafi G said…
I hope it goes smoothly. the response, as you describe it, sounds beautiful.
SuperRaizy said…
Good news! May you have more and more good news to share with us!
Dov said…
B'H fantastic!
Baila said…
So glad to hear this.

Some people have asked for Asaf's full name for tehilim--can you provide that for us?
rutimizrachi said…
Thank you for good news. May Asaf's health continue to improve; and may you find a perfect match very soon! I echo Baila's request: Please let us know what is Asaf's full Hebrew name, so we can have him in our davening.

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