Sukkot Meals: Recap

The long weekend was indeed long. We had two groups of young men with us for the past three days. The first two were high school students Benjamin Andrew Deardorff and Benjamin Jaeger from Boston. The boys are spending a semester in Israel in the Hod HaSharon area.

The other group of boys were from Yeshivat Mevaserret Zion. Zachary Sax and Daniel David are from my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Eitan Finkelstein is from Toronto, Canada. Yeshua Kylman is from Tea Neck, NJ.

Food wise, the chicken wings were WOW. We didn't even make the sauce. Next time, I'll make the sauce also. This recipe was simple and just great. Highly recommended.

The Chicken Paprikash is pretty much no fail. I would strongly suggest de-greasing and reducing the sauce. It makes so much liquid that the chicken gets lost in the serving.

Only four more days until the next holiday!


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