Post Wedding!

What a feeling!  Married off my son and gained a daughter.   The wedding was very special.  As befits our family, it went off according to schedule, even finishing 15 minutes early.  Yet, no-one felt that it was too short or that something was missing.  The dancing was perfect and the shtick funny and smooth.  All in all, a good evening was had by all.

The young couple are like cats that have just eaten the bird.  They walk around with a big grin.  No worries.  What a wonderful time to be young, in love and married!  May they have many such years together in happiness and health.

The weekend after the wedding it is traditional for the families to have meals together.  The mother's of the couple have arranged to serve meals at the local synagogue.  Of course, both families are making parts of the meals.  Like the marriage, this weekend is a partnership.

My father, mother, father-in-law, mother-in-law and two brother's in law are in town.  My brother was here for the wedding  and returned home earlier this week.  It is so nice to have our family with us.  We have shared many wonderful moments this week.

On thursday, we spend a few hours in Machane Yehuda, the open air produce market in Jerusalem.  What fun to see all the fresh produce.  The prices were remarkable for Americans.  Fresh produce is much cheaper in Israel.  We bought 10 kilograms of strawberries (22 pounds) for about 13 dollars.  That's going to be dessert for Shabbat lunch.

On the food side, my brother-in-law and I have made julia childe's boeuf bourguignon and a cajun chicken jumbalaya.  Both are labors of love, and smell wonderful.  We made mashed potatoes, stuffing, brussels sprouts and cabbage salads.  No guest is going hungry this weekend.

May we always be honored to share such wonderful times together.
Elliot and Leiah


Hasya Ya'ara said…
Mazel Tov!

Happy Purim!
Talia said…
Hi Elliot!
I agree.It was a lovely wedding and truly an honor to be there!

I saw that you once made a dish that called for capers w/o them because you had none. I have a nearly full jar of capers waiting for a new home. Are you interested?

Elliot Jaffe said…
Sure, I'll take them. Capers are fun, but I use them so infrequently that I never buy them.

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