Rivka Bat Chana Z'L'

On Wednesday, the third of Elul, September 3rd, my Aunt Rivka passed away.  She was diagnosed with a brain tumor more than a year ago.  Her funeral was yesterday in Jerusalem.  Rivka was the manager of her family.  She did everything that needed to be done, without question and without malice.  She was the rock at the heart of everything that happened.  She will be sorely missed.

Aunt Rivka was blessed with four strong children, all of whom are involved in helping people. Three of the four are social workers, the fourth is a medical doctor.   Rivka was a nurse and a public health administrator.

At the eulogies, we heard how the family was with her during her last 24 hours on this Earth. Her family understood that the end was near.   Sitting by her bedside, they said the Shema and they the Viduy prayer.  As they finished Viduy, Rivka's soul left her body.  One of her daughters said that she felt that God was sitting there with them, waiting for the right moment to set Aunt Rivka free of her illness and mortal bounds.

We wish the family comfort and support during these days of mourning.  May we be blessed with good news and health in the coming year.


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