Episoding: The act of watching multiple episodes of a television series in one sitting.

We live outside of the United States and have no access to any of the major network television stations.  But thanks to the wonder of the Internet, we can watch television shows within hours of their first broadcast time. 

Unfortunately, this leads to a condition that we call episoding.  For example, we love Gordon Ramsey.  He is passionate about cooking and about the business of feeding people.  Gordon is the host of Kitchen Nightmares, first as a series in the UK and now in the US.  Each episode is designed for a one hour time slot, which means that there is approximately 40 minutes of material and 20 minutes of commercials.  

When we first started watching Kitchen Nightmares, we were hooked.  You couldn't just watch one episode at a time.  My wife and I would typically watch at least three in one sitting.  We were episoding.

My boys are worse.  If they catch wind of a good series, they can watch the whole season in one sitting.  For a 30 minute show ( with 20 minutes of content), it takes less than 8 hours to watch the 23 episodes that make up a season.

Long live the Internet


Peter said…
How about a good snack menu to go with 8 straight hours of TV for one season's worth of episodes?
Brian Blum said…
I know the feeling. It's even worse with all the 1-2 minute Internet-only YouTube shows, like The Guild which has 10 eps or Lonely Girl 15 which lasted several seasons (I bailed out after the first...) And don't even get me started about Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog!
We used to do this, but have worked really hard and are now able to limit most shows to one sitting.

We used to have a friend tape B-5 for us, and would typically watch the entire tape 3-5 episodes, in one sitting.

We are considering taking 24 hours and watching an entire series of 24in one sitting.

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