Mid Pesach weekend and Recap

For the first time in memory, all of my children stayed awake for the whole seder.  In the past years, we usually lost one or more before the main meal.  Last year, one of my children fell asleep on the sofa and we woke him up to say "Pesach, Matza and Maror".  He then went back to bed.

My parents attended the seder with us this year.  I'm not sure how many more chances we will have to celebrate pesach with them.  The travel is harder each year and my father is visibly aging.  In past years, my father was the king of the seder.  He belted out the sing-song chant that we use for the hagada and he led the discussions.  This year, he was a silent participant while I took over the singing.

On chol-ha-moed, we first went off-roading with our friends the Moritz's down south, just below Hebron and within the 1949 borders.  The Jewish National fund has planted about 3 million trees in that area since 1956.  The location is just north of the desert line, but right there is a wonderful park of trees and shade.  The off-roading was minimal, with mostly packed dirt roads.  Next time, we'll pick somewhere more challenging.

On the second day, my wife and kids went to Nahal P'rat and did the upper trail.  My wife has been hiking for a number of years, but the group all agreed that she was a much better hiker now (speed and endurance).  I attribute it to the weight that she has lost during the last six months.  May she continue to be health and fit!

This weekend we will be eating out for dinner and having only nine for lunch.  I found nice small red bell peppers at the market and stuffed them with ground beef, green bell peppers and hot peppers.  We also made roast chicken for our friends tomorrow.  No meal is complete for them without a chicken thigh and drumstick.

Shabbat Chol-Hamoed
Lunch - 9
Stuffed bell peppers
Meatloaf (with the leftover stuffing)
Roast chicken (and garlic)
Roast potatoes
Stir fried pumpkin and parsley
Steamed carrots
Fruit Salad (for dessert)


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