Back to Reality

The holidays are over.  Give a cheer and a sigh.  Its back to the regular scheduled programs; school, work and guests.  We have seminary guests again for the first time in many months.  Life is good.

Holiday's are usually cause for weight gain.   There are more major feasts and the food is traditionally richer.  This holiday, both I and my wife lost weight.   My wife follows a very low-carb diet, so most of my cooking avoids sugars and starches.  Passover food was good, but not sweet.  I love Matza and butter, but perhaps matza is less fattening than bread.  Whatever the reason, I'm very happy with our post holiday status.

We have two girls from seminary this weekend for both meals and a cousin and her family for lunch tomorrow.  One of my sons is off to a school weekend.  Nice smallish meals (for us).

The shabbat days are longer now that the clock has changes to daylight savings time.  As a result, we now need to feed a random crowd for dinner (seudat shlishit) on saturday afternoon.

Shabbat Parshat Shmini
Dinner - 8
BBQ Pargiot
Coca Cola Chicken

Lunch - 12
Chicken Meat Roll
Corned Beef
Artichokes and dip

Seudat Shlishit -  > 15
Eggplant parmesan
Tuna Salad


gromp said…
"random crowd for dinner"
I think we all know who is around at that time :)

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