Post Bar-Mitzva Weekend - recap

I don't know why I keep making this mistake, but roast potatoes just don't taste good when they are reheated. I made the potatoes by peeling and roasting them with spices (garlic, salt, olive oil). They were wonderful right from the oven. I put them in a pan and then into the refrigerator for today's lunch. Reheated on the hot plate, they were mealy and rather unappetizing.

The only potato recipe I recall that reheat well is potatoes smothered in oil. If the potatoes are real oily then they reheat much better. Go figure....

The rest of the food was very nice. Pargiot Adobo was nice and not particularly spicy. The cabbage dishes were good, but again suffered from being reheated.

We had a nice weekend with my inlaws. Our house was bursting with kids and was VERY noisy. Nice, but tiring.


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