The weekend before school starts

This is the last weekend before all of my children start school. Four out of six started this past week. The youngest two will start on Sunday. Our house is (as usual) in an uproar since we are sponsoring a kiddush in honor of my fourth son's Bar Mitzva. My wife is busy executing on a small kiddush for 300 people with two whole salmons, macaroni and cheese and lots of other good eats. None of this changes my job of making dinner and lunch for the family. Because of the festivities, we are honored to have my parents with us. Our numbers are small since we did not invite anyone else. We are only 9 for dinner and lunch!

Parshat Ki Tavo
Dinner - 9
Chicken Soup with Matza Balls
Beef Burgundy
Turkey Rolada
Artichoke hearts

Lunch - 9
Lemon and Herb Pargiot
Leiah's Best Fried Chicken (x8 x2)
Cabbage and Peppers

A Turkey Rolada is rolled turkey breast from the butcher. I made it in an oven bag with onions, green pepper, carrots and parsley. The trick is not to over cook it. cooking time is about 1 hour (measured with a thermometer to at least 160 degrees).

Lemon and Herb Pargiot are pargiot marinated in lemon juice, olive oil, parsley with salt and pepper. The pargiot are then baked for 30 minutes until done.

Leiah's Best Fried Chicken is chicken breaded with matza meal, seasonings and then baked in the oven until done.

Beef Burgundy is just Beef and Mushrooms braised in wine. Today, I'm using a Merlot. I have never found kosher Burgundy in Israel.... Brown the meat, saute the mushrooms with a large onion, add it all together with spices and cover with wine. Cook for 1:30 until the Beef is very soft.


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