Rosh HaShana Recap

We were honored to host Rachel and Tzippy, two young ladies from Midreshet Yeud in Jerusalem. The organizers of the weekend choose to have the guests spread out across the community, and so although the girls slept at our house, they only ate one out of six meals with us. We hope they come back so that we can get to know then better.

As is our tradition, I took a photo of the girls to put in our guest book. I'm very concerned not to put any of our guests in uncomfortable positions, so I asked if I could post their picture on this blog. They politely declined. I wonder if this is going to be a pattern for this year. Neither of these girls use facebook, so perhaps it depends on the particular people in question. For that same reason, I'm not posting their family names.

The Cuban chicken was a big hit. It sounds scary from the recipe, but it tasted great even two days after I made it! We served it for two meals and both groups liked it. Once we got to the actual meals, we made a few substitutions. The pot pie was never served. Its frozen and will come out on sukkot. We didn't remember to thaw the corned beef in time for its first day presentation, and so instead swapped the shabbat chicken and the corned beef. Our guests seemed happy regardless.

I'm happy the three day event is over. I feel bloated and tired by the end of it. I wonder if its possible to leave this kind of event on a spiritual high.


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