Sukkot Meals: Part 1

Another holiday and another set of guests. This Wednesday night and Thursday we will host my parents and four post-high-school boys. Our oldest son will also be home, so our base number is 14 for each meal. Add to that a family of eight Wednesday night and a family of 6 on Thursday lunch, our numbers are a very respectable 22 and 20.

The weather here is typical for this time of year. In the low 80's, hot in the sun and comfortable in the shade. Fortunately, there is not much I need to adjust with respect to the food. Anything we serve on a regular weekend should go over fine.

Our community has a food auction for charity tomorrow. Two weeks ago, residents submitted a list of items that they would make for the auction. Last week, we sent in sealed bids on those items that appealed to us. Thanks to our children's bids, we "won" 40 large pickles, a Deli roll, tuna casserole and lots of dessert items. We will certainly serve these items during the holiday!

The first night dinner is also my fifth son's birthday. Our tradition is to allow the birthday boy to make requests for favorite foods. His choices were Deli Roll and Hot Dogs. Its fun being 11 years old.

Dinner - First Night Sukkot - 22
Mushroom Barley Soup
Deli Roll
Hot Dogs
Beef in Wine Sauce
Turkey Mole

Lunch - First Day Sukkot - 20
Corned Beef
Chicken Pot Pie
Cajun Chicken

Stay tuned for updates. I'll edit this until it matches what we actually cook.


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