Why do we do it?

Here's a very interesting post by a fellow Israeli. Their family was hosting two young women for Shabbat and they were asked "why would you open your house to strangers for a weekend".

What I found most interesting is that the blogger was full of examples of hospitality, but found it very hard to answer "why".

So why do we open our house? Here are some of my reasons.

1) Its a Jewish tradition
2) I love meeting new people
3) Its something that we can give back to the community
4) It is a great role model for our kids
5) I get tremendous enjoyment from cooking and feeding meals
6) Good hospitality is a public relations bonanza. It reflects positively on us, our community, our nation and our faith.
7) You never know when a comment or kindness will transform a persons life. The reverse is also true, so I would prefer to work hard on the positive side!

May we always have the abililty to open our house and share with strangers.


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