Go there weekend

Ok, its Parshat Lech-Lecha, literally "you go there". As it happens, we were invited out for dinner! Yippee! On the other hand, we have a major crowd tomorrow. Our current count stands at 7+7+5 = 19 with another possible 3 or 4, pretty much maxing out our table at 22.

For some reason, the usual stream of post-high-school kids has not started yet. Every year is different. Given that the holidays just ended, it may take a few weekends before they start to explore the country and find themselves in Hashmonaem. We're patient.

So I only need to cook for one meal. Leiah has made it easier by purchasing some prepared food (cold-cuts) for one of the mains. This leaves at least two more mains to cook. So here goes.

Parshat Lech-Lecha
Lunch - 19-23?
Cold cuts (1.6 kg)
Garam Massala Pargiot ( two packages, about 24 pargiot)
Chicken Breasts stuffed with Rice and Spinach ( 1 packages, about 8 servings)
Dessert - brought by guests


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