Shabbat Breshit

Its a new year and time to get back to a regular schedule. OK, so this particular Shabbat we have no outside guests, but we did invite a family for dinner and we will have two guests for lunch. Our dinner guests are great cooks and they offered to make some of the food! What can I say, its going to be lots of fun.

Shabbat Breshit

Dinner - 14
Chicken Soup w/ Vegetables
Chicken Chilli w/ Rice
Morrocan Chicken Breasts
Honey, Garlic Soy Chicken Wings
Ensalada de Col (red cabbage salad) from The Border Cookbook pg. 135

Lunch - 10
Chicken Adobo from The International Garlic Festival Cookbook pg. 120
Baked Chicken
Mashed Potatoes
Sicilian Broccoli
Green Salad


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