Shabbat Noach - Recap

One change to this weekends menu was the addition of a poor mans jambalaya. Just sausages, poached chicken breast and rice with a little red pepper flakes. Not so great color wise, as its too white, but ok as an extra main course.

The rest of the meal was just fine and the conversation was interesting as usual. Noach is one of my favorite parshiot in the Torah. I happen to have some rather un-conventional theories about it. The challenge is to expose them only to friends who are receptive. Fortunately, our friend Dov was up for it and the evening was a smashing success.


Leiah Jaffe said…
So, here I am. I am the second head of the Jaffe Shabbat table experience. I am the one who makes sure the table is set and the food is actually served to the people sitting at it. I also have the distinct position as head of the "clean-up crew". For me, the food is not so exciting as the conversation and the sharing. I direct the weekly parsha discussion and try to explore real questions that arise. This is one of the major reasons I enjoy having guests. I like to hear what they are thinking, not only about events in the Torah, but about issues in all fields.
This week's conversation about Parshat Noach was really lively, as our guest, Dov, is a really smart guy who has written a book connecting Torah to modern literature. I really respect him for incorporating Torah into his daily, modern life, and as such, he was open to our unconventional read on the parsha - I don't know if he agreed with us but he was willing to play the game of supposition.

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