Shabbat Noach

This is going to be an easy Shabbat. We have a full house because some of my cousins will be visiting, but they will be eating with other relatives here, so I don't have to feed them. Furthermore, we were invited out for lunch! So, I only have to make dinner. Its a bit challenging because one of our dinner guests does not accept the Heter Mechira (see previous post). Since on principal, I do not support any of the other options for Shmitta produce, we are left without the use of any fresh vegetables. We can still use frozen or canned vegetables since they were grown before the Shmitta year.

One of our other guests has agreed to handle the side dishes if I can deal with the mains and the starches. I'll give it a try.

Parshat Noach
Dinner - 14
Corned Beef
Cola Chicken
Roast Potatoes
Vegetable sides (brought by guests)


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