Protein Arrives

We got our order from the butcher. About 102 Kilo of Turkey spread across eight large birds. 12 large Corned beefs weighing in at about 50 Kilo and another 10 Kilo of ground meat.

I took the necks off the birds and will roast them for an hour before putting them into a stock pot tonight to make stock for the stuffing. The corned beefs will go four at a time on the stove top for 2.5 hours each. They should be done by this evening around 11pm.

The ground beef will be made into sweet chili tomorrow morning after the birds get into the ovens.

Speaking of ovens, I now have to make calls to a few volunteers confirming their ovens for tomorrow. The birds usually take about 5 hours. I start stuffing at 7am, put them all into our car and deliver them to the ovens before 9am. I check on them around 11am and then finish between 1 and 2pm. The birds cool for about two hours until we carve them between 4 and 6pm.

The Feast starts at 6pm!


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