Slow down time

Well, we made it past Thanksgiving. It was a success as always and we were totally wiped out. We were invited to friends for last shabbat lunch. Dinner last weekend was leftovers. We still have a number of packages of frozen turkey and frozen corned beef. In addition, I've got enough stock to last for about 3-4 months of regular usage.

This weekend we once again accepted an invitation to lunch! That means that I only needed to cook for dinner. We have two guests for dinner tonight, so our magic number is 9. That's a pretty small meal for us.

Tonight's menu is simple but fun.

Parshat Vayeishev
Dinner - 9
Brussels Sprout and Red Pepper soup
Chicken Tangine
Pan fried Pargiot with Steak Rub
EggPlant and Garlic

Of course, my wife things that we don't have enough food...


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