Back to life

The past month has been very hard. Our Thanksgiving dinner went very well, but it was downhill from that point. We had local elections and I lost my seat on the city council. One week later, we were robbed while we were sleeping. In addition to the violation of personal space, the thieves took my laptop and my backup system. Walla! a significant part of my life was lost overnight. Our friends and family have been very supporting. We ate both meals out last weekend and hence there was no post. I just ordered a new laptop while should arrive by next weekend! (God willing)

This weekend, we are getting back to a normal life. We have four yeshiva boys coming for Shabbat and we have a new local family with young children coming over for lunch. Winter has arrived with cooler temperatures and occasional rain. The biggest impact to my cooking is that my wife has decided to stop being on the Atkin's diet. For a number of years now, I have restricted carbs in my weekend cooking so that my wife would have what to eat. Let's see how it goes now that we are all eating approximately the same things.

On to the menus!

Shabbat Parsha Vayigash

Dinner - 12
Mexican Chicken and Rice soup
Mashed potatoes
Cabbage and Chicken
Meatballs in sauce

Lunch - 20?
Crockpot Chili
Sweet potato pie
Oven Fried Chicken


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