Slowdown Time recap

Shabbat meals went very nicely. The chicken tangine with lentils was very nice. I need to remember to put in the right amount of liquid. This time, I put in about twice as much and even with added lentils, it was soupy. The taste was very yummy with the chicken very soft.

Our guests for dinner were Gershy (Gershon) Rapp and his friend Rachel Giblon. They are both from Toronto. Gershon is ending his second year at a yeshiva in Ramat Bet Shemesh and will be entering the army (Nahal Haredi) in four weeks. We had a very nice dinner, even if it was rather noisy. The stories of Yehuda and Tamar and Yosef and Potiphar's wife are just wonderful!

Lunch out was nice, but we lost two of our children. They decided to eat at a friends and did not bother to tell us where they were going. One of the best things about our community is that this behavior is actually permitted and does not send the parents into a state of panic. We found them about around 6pm.


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