I've been tardy recapping previous weekends. While it doesn't bother me that I can't recall if a particular recipe went over well, it does bother me that I did not get a chance to thank our guests.  So here's a quick recap of our guests over the past few weeks.  My digital camera was stolen, and our analog camera takes months from taking the picture to getting a print, so these will be sans-photo!

We'll start with the Kav-Lchaim weekend of Dec 22, 2007.  We hosted two young boys, not more than 10 years old with Cerebral Palsy (CP).  They were assisted by two young ladies, Nava and Shir.  Both of the girls were in the midst of their year of community service (Sherut Leumi).  They were very dedicated to their charges.  We have plenty of beds in our house and so we set up two beds downstairs in a wheelchair accessible room for the boys. We also set up two beds on the third floor to give the girls some privacy.  So much for good intentions.  It seems that the boys were unfamiliar with normal beds and so the girls slept in the same beds with the boys.  I was very impressed with their dedication and commitment. I can only hope that all Sherut Leumi girls are as serious about their duties!  Kol HaKavod!

The following shabbat, Dec 29, 2007 was very busy.  We housed three different groups; two girls from England, three post-high school boys from Bet Shemesh and one young high school student from Beer Sheva.  Everyone got along wonderfully and the conversations at the meals were interesting and loud!  Thanks to Yitzy Paul, Ethan Wasserman and Josh Zimmerman from Cincinnati, Atlanta and Boston.    Also to Rachel Freidman and Debrah Pascoe from London.  Yehoshua Relkin is in the Bnei Akiva high school in Beer Sheva.  His family is in the process of making aliyah.

Rachel and Debrah liked our house well enough to recommend us to their friends and so, the next shabbat Jan 5, 2008, we hosted Natalie Yinegar, Miriam Lehrer and Daniela Majer.  Natalie and Miriam are from Montreal and Daniela is friendly with Debrah Pascoe from.  Daniela is from Manchester.  They say that there is a difference in accents from Manchester to London, but to our untrained ears, its all English!  Natalie and Daniela are in Michlala and Miriam is at HaRova!

Many thanks to all of these friends who came and visited with us.  We hope you come back to spend more time here with our family!


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