The calm before the storm

This week was cold and wet.  Next week is supposed to be colder and wetter with snow in Jerusalem.  This weekend is like the eye of a hurricane.  Its sunny and warm (at least for two days).  We have five girls staying with us, three from Michlala and two from elsewhere (Seminar Jerusalem and ??).   One the girls from Michlala has been here already this year.  The question is whether we will remember her name.....

This week also marks an unfortunate milestone in my extended family.  My oldest cousin passed away after a relatively short battle with cancer.  He was 59.  The funeral was delayed until his mother and brother could arrive from the USA.  Their flight was then further delayed by four hours.  The funeral finally started at 10:30pm in Jerusalem on a cold and rainy evening.  More than 300 people showed up to pay their respects.  We have a very close extended family and his passing was felt strongly by all of us.

Dinner - 15
Plain Chicken Vegetable soup
Shabbat Chicken
Berber Lemon Chicken from the Spice Lover's Cookbook
Brussels Sprouts
Stir fried cabbage
Hot dogs

Lunch - 19
Garam Massala Pargiot
Beef Stew
Mashed Potatoes
Broccoli Kugel
Potato Kugel
Spaghetti Squash
Stir fried green beens
5 Pepper salad
Braised Fennel

No recipes this week since I'm running late.
May we all stay safe and healthy in the coming year


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