Catch-up recap

Once again, I've been tardy about recapping our weekends.    Rest assured that its not because the guests were losers or duds.  Its just that after shabbat ends, we first make grilled cheese or pancakes and then have our guests sign the guest book and take a picture.  After everything settles, I'm not always ready to go back online.  By the time I remember its later in the week.

Recap:Birthday weekend - Parshat Yitro
My oldest brought two of his high school friends for the weekend,  Amram Sherby from Modiin and Yossi Friedman from Jerusalem.  We also hosted three young ladies from Machon Gold: Abby Singer, Sara Lopez and Anna Abramovitz.

The food was pretty good (If I do say so myself).  The fried pumpkin was an experiment that I would like to retry.  We matchstick-ed about 1 pound of pumpkin and sauted it with cinnamon, cloves and brown suger.  The taste was great, but the pumpkin still have a crunchy texture.  Next time, we should par-boil the pumpkin.

Recap: Post-Snow weekend
Lots of guests this weekend.  Chaim Frenkel and Zack Sax are pretty much family.  Chaim is my sisters nephew and we have attended Zack's brit many years ago.   This is not the first, nor the last time that they will be with us for a weekend.

In addition to the boys, we had five young ladies.  Gemma Daniels (manchester) and Eva Dubinsky (pittsburgh) visited from Midreshet Harova.  Sara Diamon, Dina Kushnir and Penina Levitin (all from somewhere near New York) visited from Michlala.

We had a lot of guests and the house felt nice and warm.   There were many games played, and I even won a game of Settlers.

From a food perspective, the Sweet Potato and Peanut stew was very very nice.  I had it twice for leftovers.  We had a number of stew type entrees and frankly, I'm all stewed out.  Its time for a change, so look for less traditional meals in the coming weeks.

Thanks to all who visited and please come back soon.


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