Half a Century

This is my fiftieth post and that's something of a milestone.  Thanks to anyone who may be reading.  This blog doesn't get much traffic, but I know that those who do read are all friends.  May we merit many more blog entries in the years to come.

This shabbat, we have a full house.  Two ladies from Nevei, both from Montreal, one lady from Yehud and three boys.  One of the boys is from HaKotel and two are from Netiv Aryeh.  In addition, our best friends decided at the last minute to spend shabbat in Jerusalem.  Two of their children will be staying with us also.  All told, we will be sleeping 17 people in the house.  There's still a few empty beds.

Another close friend is currently in the states visiting a sick relative.  His family will be eating with us tomorrow.  That's his wife and seven or eight or their kids.  Total tomorrow lunch will be 25 or 26.  That's a full meal and it means opening a second table for the little kids.

I'm tired of cooking european stews, so this week I'm working on new ideas.

Dinner -16
Thai Garlic Soup
Chinese Braised Marinated Beef and Egg Noodles
Thai Cucumber salad
Japanese Rice noodles
Brown Rice
Stir Fried Broccoli
Stir fried Napa Cabbage and Mushrooms
Apple Cider

Lunch - 25
Sandy's Fried Chicken
Sandy's Broccoli Kugel
Kol Dulce Con Karne
Prepared Schnitzel Sesame Noodles
Restaurant Chicken wings
Roast Chicken and Hamburgers (left-overs from this week)

Got to go
Shabbat Shalom


SuperRaizy said…
Congratulations on your 50th post!
I felt bad when you said "this blog doesn't get much traffic". I'll bet that there are lots of other readers like me, who do not know you personally but enjoy hearing about your guests and your meals. You seem to be a very creative cook!
Peter said…
Your menu and recipes sound wonderfull and tasty - especially if we are only responsible for the eating part. It would certainly be nice to share a shabbat meal like this together more than once every year or two. The menus, though, are not well suited to us non-cooks. How about posting one recipe or food item each week that is simple but not ordinary so those of us that don't have a few hours friday afternoon can also experience a special shabbat?

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