Pre-Trip Weekend

I'm traveling on business next week, and the weekend before is always tense. My wife gets stressed out before I leave.  Once I'm going, its fine but the lead-up is painful.  I'm looking forward to this trip because I will get a chance to visit some of my relatives that I have not seen in more than a year.  Sometimes its hard to live so far away.

On the home front, our boarder is having a birthday this weekend and has invited six of her girlfriends over for Shabbat.   Thursday was interesting.  We had been expecting another three girls (unconnected to the birthday event).  Thursday morning, I got a call from Anywhere in Israel asking if we could take six girls.  Unfortunately, we could not take any of them.  Then a few hours later one of the three confirmed guests called to cancel because they had fallen sick with the flu.  There is definitely something going around.  A few hours after that, I was called by a young man who stayed with us some months ago.  He was looking for a place for himself and a friend.  I invited them over since we now had room.

The final count is our eight, our boarder, her six friends, two boys from Beer Sheva and three boys from the yishuv.  Total: 20 for both meals.

Dinner - 20
Chicken Soup with Matza balls
Roast Chicken
Stuffed Roast Chicken
Potatoes (sliced and roasted)
Stir fried carrots and peppers
Stir fried mushrooms and bean sprouts (spicy)

Lunch - 20
Corned Beef
Meat Roll (Beef Wellington)
Cold cuts
Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Candied Sweet Potatoes
Israeli Salad


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