Recap: The calm before the storm

Win some, Lose some.  I had a bad cooking day last friday.  I was asked to participate in a conference call on 2pm Friday afternoon.  For whatever reason, I got a late start on my cooking and at 1:55 I was just putting up two pots of chicken to simmer for 20-30 minutes.  My conference call lasted 40 minutes and the heat was just a bit too high.  Walla, burned chicken.  I didn't look too bad, so we served it anyway.  I got what I deserved.  I think we ate three pieces between the two dishes.  None of our guests would touch it.  Must work harder.....

Speaking of our guests, we hosted five young ladies, Daniela Majer, Nechama Abramson, NAomi Diamon, Hadassah G. and Miriam M..  Some weekends, our guests spend some time with us and the rest roaming around our community, visiting friends or making new ones.  This weekend, our guests stayed home.  We had a rousing game of Carcassonne which was much noiser than usual.

Our gastronomic experience was not a complete bust. My wife made wonderful apple cookies that were so good that our guests took the recipe as they were leaving.


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