After a break

I was traveling last weekend and so we had no guests.  My family was invited out and ate all their Shabbat meals with friends.  I was lucky to be staying with a cousin in Newton, Mass.  I enjoyed spending time with them and their three young children.  Its hard to remember how busy those days are when you are just starting out and have little kids in the house.  I did get a new recipe that has been passed down from my aunt.  See then end of this post for details.

This weekend is also a bit unusual.  We don't have any post-high school guests and we are eating out for dinner.  Shabbat lunch is the only meal I cooked for and we have invited a local family.  I arrived  back from the states yesterday and so I'm a bit jet-lagged.  Perhaps that can explain the relative simplicity of tomorrows meal.

There was a terrible attack yesterday night at a yeshiva in Jerusalem.  First, we know many people who have studied there.  Secondly, it could have been any of the places where our guests study.  Its very upsetting to all in our community.  Right now, I don't think that people understand how to react.  Revenge is sweet, but not very helpful.  Our political leaders have chosen to not to react.   Although Olmert is in Jerusalem, he did not attend the mass eulogy for these students.  Perhaps he feared that he would be heckled and booed from the podium.  If so, that should be a message.  Leaders should lead, not just posture.  Hard times provide a measure of our leaders.  They can rise to the occasion or they can sit silently.   We have heard the silence loud and clear this time.

Shabbat Shalom to all. 

Lunch - 14
Pargiot with a Garam Masala Rub
Cold cuts
Tas Kebab (Beef and rice stew)
Stir fried vegetables and mushrooms
Garlic green beens
Fresh salad

Recipe: Aunt Miriam's Cranberry Chicken
2 Chickens cut in eights (more or less)
4 potatoes or sweet potatoes cut in bite size pieces
1 can Cranberry sauce
1/3 bottle Russian Dressing
1 Tbsp Onion soup mix

Put the chicken and potatoes in a roasting pan.  Mix the other ingredients and pour over the chicken and potatoes.  Roast in the oven at 350 until done.

This recipe does not taste like its ingredients.  The sauce and dressing mix and dry out to form a slightly sweet glaze.


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