Recap: Back in the Swing of Things

Last weekend was fun.  The boys from Shapell's come from varied backgrounds and were very involved in our conversations.  We had David (originally from Tallahassee) , Noah (from Cleveland) and Farley (from London).   Our lunch guests brought two of their sisters (Tamar and Bat Sheva).   Bat Sheva and David spent most of the afternoon together, to the point where we could not find David when Shabbat was over.  He has gone to spend time with our lunch guests children (or so he said).

From the food perspective, the Carbonnade was very impressive.  Definitely a recipe that I will use again.  Its very rich and full of flavor.  Next time, I may add the mustard as in the original recipe.  

College Goo was also a bit hit.  Its a nice simple recipe that tastes great.  We didn't put in any peas this time.

We have been trying to do a better job of quantity management.   In the past weeks, we have made too much food.  This week, I tried to make less main dishes and everyone still seemed satisfied.


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