Corned Beef Failures

First challenge of the holiday. I boiled a corned beef today and for the first time in ages, it didn't come out firm.  Perhaps I over boiled it, or perhaps the meat was just not up to my usual standards.  Anyhow, now I have about 2-4 pounds of shredded corned beef.  I was planning on serving this on Sunday morning (Pesach Lunch) as one of two main dishes.  The other dish came out fantastic (Chicken in wine sauce with mushrooms - Yum!).

It seems from a quick perusal of the Internet that the most common thing to do with Corned beef leftovers is to mix it with mashed potatoes and call it Corned Beef Hash.  I'm going to try and make an Irish version: Colcannon, that I found on an email thread here.

First I need to make some mashed potatoes and some stir fried cabbage.  Then I'll mix it together with saut√©ed onions and bake it until the top browns.

Please let me know if you have any ideas.  The corned beef just fell apart, even with my sharpest knives.


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