Pesach 5768 (2008) - First Half Recap

This first days of Pesach are past and our guests have (temporarily) left the building.  We hosted 7 boys from Baltimore, Cleveland and NJ [Haim Frenkle, Zack Sacks, Daniel Davis, Amishav, Sam, Robert and Etan].  Six learn at Mevaseret Zion and one learns at Netiv Aryeh.  We also had two russian high school students (11th grade) from the Naaleh program [Stas and Vitali].  The high school boys learn in a boarding school in Tirat HaCarmel in Haifa.  Last but not least, we had two young women who made aliyah this year [Sarah and Miriam].

The second seder that we supported (but did not participate in), had 13 people ranging in age from 18 to 60+.   It is a strange experience serving and cooking for people who are having a second seder.

From a food perspective, we didn't have enough.  The boys are meat and potatoes people.  Anything I put on the table with meat or potatoes was devoured.  Vegetables fared a bit better, but for most meals, we had nothing left over.  I don't think anyone went hungry.  It was more that there were no second servings to be had for many items.

I learned a few interesting cooking lessons.
1) Use Machine Matza for Farfel.  It it lighter and crumbles better than hand made matza.  My Matza Farfel was perfect!  It was very similar to what my mother makes (and hence its perfect!)

2) Corned Beef Hash is a great way to use left over corned beef.  The potatoes soak up the fat from the corned beef and become smooth and silky.  I will definitely be making this again (assuming I ever have leftover corned beef).

3) Make more food.  I assumed that since the meals were late and were coming one after another that I didn't need to over do the menus.  Given the attendees, I should have made at least one more main dish at each meal.

Lshana HaBa Beyurushalayim Habnuya


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