Pesach 5768 (2008) - Friday Night

Here is the first of the menus for Pesach.  I will be posting each menu separately and updating them in-place as I tune them for the actual numbers and the state of my pantry.

Note that on Friday night we will be serving Kosher for Pesach Kitniyot.  You can actually buy these things in Israel that are kosher for mehadrin.  No problems with Chametz.  Now being a good ashkenazi family, we do not eat them on Pesach, but...  before pesach, these things are permitted and furthermore, you can cook them in the pesach pots and pans and serve them on pesach dishes.  YEAH!

Shabbat HaGadol - Parshat Acharai Mot
Dinner - 19
Rice - Kitniyot
Carrot Kugel
Green Beans and Garlic - Kitniyot
Beef in Wine Sauce


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