Pesach 5768 (2008) - Saturday Breakfast

There is a tradition to each three meals on Shabbat.  Most people hold that at least two of these meals should include bread and wine.  Furthermore, We stop eating food early enough so that we are hungry by the time we sit at the Seder Table.  So, what do we do when Erev Pesach is Shabbat?

We had bread and wine at Friday night dinner.  For "lunch", we each a meal with bread and wine before the time for Biyur Chametz.  This year, its something around 9:30am.   Given that its real early, we will serve Breakfast!

Since we will be serving real bread with this meal, we will eat outside on our porch.  We will then throw everything that we don't finish right in the garbage.  Its a trick to prepare just the right amount.  We will try and bring out the food only when its needed.  Stuff we don't need we will leave in the fridge for another day.  (The Chametz comes out all at once and never enters the house again).

Erev Pesach
Breakfast - 19
Pita - Chametz
Humus - Kitniyot
Tuna Salad
Egg Salad
Cherry Tomatoes, Bulgarian Cheese and Pesto
Slice Cheese
Puddings - Kitniyot


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