Pesach 5768 (2008) - Saturday Lunch

Ok. it is Erev Pesach.  All of the Chametz is gone.  But, its at least 12 hours before we can eat dinner at the Seder table.    Our solution is to have Seudat Shlishit around 1:30pm in the afternoon with a full meat meal, minus the bread and wine.

There is a small problem with Kitniyot on Erev Pesach.  Some people have a tradition to stop eating Kitniyot at the same time that they stop eating Chametz.  This makes good sense if you believe that the tradition was created so that we would not eat foods potentially contaminated with chametz (one tradition is that kitniyot items were stored together with wheat products).

These days, when you can get Kosher for Pesach Mehadrin Kitniyot, the potential for Chametz is no longer an issue.  I havn't decided yet if we should eat Rice at this meal or not.  The other alternative is to start serving potatoes....

Shabbat HaGadol
Lunch - 19
Starch - Rice or Potatoes
Cold Cuts
Cajun Chicken (Dry Rub)
Israeli Salad


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