Post Pesach slowdown - Yom HaShoa

Pesach is over and the kids have gone back to school.  The post high-school students are nowhere to be seen.  Perhaps they are recovering from their Pesach vacations and travels.  Our house is quiet for once.  We even got invited out for dinner!

Yesterday (Thursday) was Yom HaShoa.  Every year, our twelfth grade youth put on a one hour program in commemoration of those who were lost.  This year, we also focused on those who survived and brought the country of Israel into existence.  Our community Rav spoke about the challenge that the world faces from those who openly call for the destruction of Israel.   Just as the world choose to ignore Hitlers calls for the destruction of the jewish people in the 1930's, so too we cannot ignore the calls of Moslem and Iranian leaders.   World leaders are hoping that these demagogues will loose power before they can implement their plans.  World War II was a direct result of this form of thinking in the 20th century.  I pray that the 21st century will not see a similar disaster.

This weekend, we are hosting a young family from Nefesh B'Nefesh for lunch.  Our table will be small, with only 12 people.  What will I do....

Lunch - 12
Gefilte Fish
Tas Kebab - Beef and Rice stew (Sephardic Kosher Kitchen, Pg 62)
Lemon Turkey Cutlets (The Silver Palate Cookbook, Pg 93)
Garbonzo bean salad (The Silver Palate Cookbook)
Minty Cucumber Salad (The Silver Palate Cookbook)
Plain Canned Corn
Kimchi (How to Cook Everything)


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