Birthdays (past and present)

Today is my youngest son's birthday according to the hebrew calendar.  In his honor, we will have pizza for lunch!   There are no guests from outside of the community, so we invited our friends for shabbat meals.  In keeping with the birthday theme, we invited Ronda and her family.  Ronda is listed as questionable for dinner tonight.  She is due and looks ready to deliver at any time.  In any case, she and her family are welcome to rest and relax at our dinner table tonight.

My sister lives in a community of scholars and teachers.  They work during the school year, and have the summer to recuperate.  Strangely enough, our community is mostly business professionals.  We work year round, but in the summers, many of the family find a way to leave town.  Some go to work in the States, some go to camp, and others on vacation.  We joke that the last person to leave this summer should turn out the lights.   This is relevant because our guests for tomorrow is a family sans husband.  The master of the house left on Tuesday to work the summer months in the states.  The rest of the family is leaving this week.   We are happy to host them for lunch tomorrow.

This morning, my wife was out shopping and found a couple staying on the yishuv for the summer.  They were looking for prepared shabbat food, so instead, we invited them for dinner.  Three more!

Dinner - 16
Oriental Potato Soup
Beef Burgundy
Roast Chicken
Corn on the cob
Stewed Vegetables
Cakes for Dessert

Lunch - 12
Kol dulce con karne (Beef and cabbage)
Garlic Green Beans
Green Salad


SuperRaizy said…
What is Oriental potato soup? Do you have a recipe for it?
Elliot Jaffe said…
I have a recipe, but its at home and I'm traveling. I'll post it on Friday.
SuperRaizy said…
Thank you. I'll check back on Friday.

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