Family Guests

After a wonderful family wedding last night, we get down to Shabbat.   Shavuot is over and the students have left/are leaving in droves.   We don't expect to have any of them as guests until September at the earliest.  This is your chance dear readers!  If you've always wanted to visit us, drop us a line and tell us when you want to come this summer.  We have air-conditioning!!

Of course, we do have guests this Shabbat. My parents are here and a cousin, his wife and two of his adult boys are staying over.  Sadly, I am only cooking one meal.  To make matters worse, our guests are all eating out (including my parents) and my wife is working!  Dinner is the only meal that I'm cooking and its only my and five of my children.

Dinner - 6 :-(
Roast Chicken
Deep Fried French Fries (not potato chips)


SuperRaizy said…
Potato chips? For dinner?
Elliot Jaffe said…
I must have been sleeping. Twas a language confusion. French fried in Israel are "chips". I forgot the right word. Its fixed in the post now.

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