Last good chance for guests this year

Its the end of the academic year for one year programs in Israel.  More specifically, its summer camp programs in the US begin in the middle of June and hence the one-year students need to get back so that they can be counselors and camp staffers.  In any case, once Shavuot is over, the mass exodus of students begins.

This weekend, we were lucky to be able to end this season with a bang.  We will be hosting eight boys.  I don't know yet where they are from or where they are learning in Israel.  I know only that someone named Ruby (Rudy?) has been working on making this happen all week.

Since we never know if we are actually going to have guests, we also invited a family from the commnity for lunch.  Its going to be a bit of a crowd, but that's the point!

We have a full house, so the menus need to have a bit more protein.  We have been having a heat wave.  This morning was hot and muggy.  That tends to change my menu planning as far as soups and side-dishes.  I tend to make lighter items that are less heavily cooked.

Dinner - 17
Cola Chicken (2 x 8 pieces)
Meat balls
Cabbage Stir Fry

Lunch - 23
Corned Beef
Meat Roll (Chicken 'beef' Wellington)
Chicken Jambalaya
String beans
Cabbage Salad


Hananel said…
Wow. I didn't know what I was getting into...

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