Mini Pittsburgh Weekend

We went to the beach this morning at 7am.  I'm beat.  The sun is very hot.  The water was marvelous.  But, no matter how fun, its draining.

We finally got back around 1pm and then I had to start cooking.  Fortunately, we are friends over this shabbat from our old (its been a rather long time) stomping grounds of Pittsburgh, PA.  To make it simple, we decided that each family would participate in making the meals.  I made the soup for this evening, the pot pie and the chicken for tomorrow.  Plus a few side.s

Dinner - 17
carrot zucchini soup
plain rice
roast chicken
cabbage and seed salad
garlic green beans

Lunch - 17
pot pie
kabob salad
brocolli kugel
potato kugel
Lemon Baladi chicken bottoms


Talia said…
Hi Eliiot
I;m rewriting my email couse i think it didn;'t get thru.

Here's the wings recipe- cany also do well with chicken legs

I substituted some of the soy with silan, and sprinkled kapach's toasted sesame on top.

Regarding the fried kabanos slices: add only before eating, otherwise they lose their crispiness and get soggy
Lemon daughter brought a jar from Israel...of course, label all in Hebrew...stuck with how to use it...what was the chicken with lemon baladi...
What is lemon baladi and how can I use it? Daughter brought me a small jar from Israel. Is this similar to a chutney? Help!!!
Elliot Jaffe said…
Lemon Baladi is basically pickled lemons. When I made this chicken, I used the baladi as a marinade. Empty the jar over one or two cut up chickens, let rest in the fridge for up to one day, and then bake partially covered until done (30-45 minutes).

Its like lemon chicken.

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