Busy weekend

Its been a very busy week and the next few weeks will be no better.  We attended a beautiful wedding on Monday night for one of our neighbors daughters.   Last night, we went to an engagement party.  One of our best friends sons is marrying another of our best friends daughters.  This weekend is a big bar mitzva celebration and my wife and some of our children will be working the event (organization, setup, service and cleanup).

We will not be having guests for meals (other than the usual crowd), but we will be hosting four people who are attending the sheva brochot from Monday's wedding.  Our boys will be busy cleaning our house before they go off to work for the bar mitzva.

My oldest son has decided that working a simcha on shabbat diminishes his appreciation for the day and so he is only on-call as a backup.  But, he did invite one of his good friends to stay over for shabbat.

From a food perspective, its going to be quiet.  About 10 people for each meal.

Dinner - 10
Turkey and Fettucini Noodles
Braised chicken, garlic and hot peppers
Garlic Green Beens
Stir Fried Cabbage

Lunch - 10
Roast Chicken
Cajun Pargiot (dry rub and sautéed)
Cucumber Salad


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