First Rains

This big news of the day is that the first rains have arrived. In Israel these rains have a special name and are a welcome sign that the heat of summer is leaving us.  It also makes the road particularly slick, so having them on Friday is something of blessing in itself (fewer drivers since there are fewer people working).

Its been a busy week.  We were invited to a friends daughters wedding on Monday night.  Both of the celebrants come from religious families, but are themselves not religious.  It would have been hard to know that from the first two thirds of the event.  The bride and groom were both excited and happy.  It was only after Sheva Brachot that the mixed dancing started.  I would have joined in, but they were playing mizrachi popular music, for which I still have not developed the appropriate interest.

Wednesday night, we hosted a lecture by Robert Berman of the Halachic Organ Donor Society (HODS).  Robby is a very very good speaker.  He dealt with hard issues and uncomfortable subjects, but was able to break the ice every once in while so that it never became overwhelming.  More than 80 people attended, and we hope that they will all sign up.  For those in Israel, the Israeli donor card is called Adi and the sign up for is here.

Finally, two of my best friends became one family when one's daughter married the other's son.  That wedding was a small affair Thursday night.   In this case, it was a traditional wedding all the way.  Since it was a small event, I felt a need to be more involved.  I danced up a storm and brought our Double Dutch team to perform.  It was a memorable occasion.

As the holidays approach, some people try and find some time off to relax and prepare.  We are not those people.  This weekend, we have a full house, with six seminary girls just off the plane.  They are from the NY and Baltimore area.  In addition, we are having a family over for dinner tonight and another family for lunch tomorrow.  No rest for the wicked!

Shabbat Parshat Nezavim
Dinner -19
Chicken Vegetable Soup
Red Braised Chicken (spicy stew)
BBQ Chicken
Spaghetti with meat sauce
Spaghetti with tomato sauce
Green Salad

Lunch - 20
Roast Chicken (x2)
Tas Kebab
Kol Dulce con Carne
Yerushalmi kugel
Green beans and garlic
Cucumber salad
Green salad

As my wife is fond of saying:

Breath deep, seek peace


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