Lecture on Organ Donors

Tomorrow night (wednesday, September 24, 2008) at 8pm, there will be a lecture at the Glenwood shul in Hashmonaem.  The topic is the halachic issues related to organ donorship and transplants.

As you probably know, out son Asaf has been told that he needs a kidney transplant.  To our complete surprise, there have been a number of people from our community who have stepped forward to be tested as potential donors.  I cannot tell you all how meaningful it is, particularly during the month of Elul, to know that our neighbors care enough about their fellows to literally offer a part of themselves.   In my mind, there can be no bigger form of tzedakah.  Each and every one of those people deserve the best that Hashem can provide.

We look forward to seeing you at the lecture tomorrow night.
Thank you,
Elliot and Leiah Jaffe


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