Kidney Update

Its been some time since I gave an update on the state of the kidneys. The short answer is that there is no change. Things are stable on both fronts (my sons and mine), and we are moving forward with finding a donor for my son.

The details are that my nephrologist has been threatening to do a biopsy for about six months. He's finally asked me to do it, some I'm trying to get the HMO to pay for it and the hospital to schedule it. Since I only have one kidney, they will not just poke a needle into my abdomen. My options are either laporoscopic surgery under full anesthesia or something new, called a transjugular biopsy. I understand that the second option means sticking a tube in my jugular vein and threading it into my kidney. Supposedly, its less invasive and does requires only local anesthesia. Oh joy!

On Asaf's side of the board, we are moving forward with our donors. We sent the test results for three people to the hospital. They finally called us up and asked us why we kept sending more donors. We said something about how we wanted to get the transplant done with the best possible match.

The hospital finally scheduled us for a meeting along with two of three donors. They also agreed to test Asaf and the two donors to find out if there is a match. The doctor who called us could not understand how we had so many people willing to donate a kidney. I think we will invite her for our thanksgiving dinner. Perhaps she will then understand the closeness and support that exists in our wonderful community!

Things seem to be moving a bit faster now, so I'll try and update as we receive more news.

Refuah Shelema to all those in need.


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