Non-Diet Shabbat

As I mentioned in my previous post, Asaf is in Poland.  When I cook for Shabbat, I try to minimize foods that are not on his diet.  Since he is not here, we are eating all the foods that he cannot eat; Potatoes, Barley, Mushrooms and Chocolate!

We have two sets of three young ladies coming to stay with us for Shabbat.  Both heard about us from our business cards.  It seems that our marketing campaign is working!  For the first time this year, one of the guests is a vegetarian.  Oh well, just another cooking challenge.

I've been paging through cookbooks and many of the "winter" recipes are for stuffed vegetables.  This week, I tried two recipes for Stuffed Tomatoes; one meat and one vegetarian.  The meat recipe calls for beef, rice, onions and crushed tomatoes in a sweet tomato sauce.  The vegetarian version uses corn, white kidney beans, dill and eggs.  The meat version looks marvelous.  The tomatoes held together and the rice cooked up nicely.

Unfortunately, the vegetarian version fell apart.  Tried to microwave them and it seems that I left them in for too long.  Oh well, better luck next time.  I'm sure they are tasty.

Dinner - 13
Mushroom Barley soup (from the Moosewood cookbook)
Stuffed Tomatoes (from the Sephardic Kosher Kitchen)
Shabbat Chicken
Carrot Stuffing
Meat loaf (left over stuffing from the tomatoes)
Green Salad
Chocolate cake 

Lunch - 17
Marinated Carrots
Oven Fried Chicken
Israeli Salad
Chocolate Cake


Anonymous said…
Shavua Tov
I finally got around to making the Buffalo wings. Substituted caynne with 1/2 tsp cumin, no onion powder (although I saw sum pipler have it)warmed on the hotplate diretly on parchment paper, not cover. Yum! Even Edmond, my wing resistent one, ate a bunch. Thanks!

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