Pictures of our guests

When I started this blog, I tried to upload pictures of our guests after Shabbat. Unfortunately, we had a camera stolen and then were without for some time. Once we finally purchased a new camera, I had already fallen out of practice. So this post is an attempt to catch up. Here are some of the wonderful guests that have visited us in the past month.  As you can see from the pictures, we still haven't figured out how to use the camera correctly!

They are:
Sarah Berlin from Baltimore and Leah Amer  from Chicago

Shira Moskowitz, Jackie Bernstein, Defna Fine and Ariella Winter

Hayah and Ester from Los Angeles and Afikei Torah

Jake Goldstein and Noam Grysvan from Yeshivat Har Etzion and Toronto

It was a pleasure to meet these wonderful people. We hope their year in Israel is healthy and meaningful. We also hope that they will eventually come and live here with the rest of Am Yisrael.


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