Post Fast, Pre Shabbat

Yom Kippur is past us.  For me, this was an unusual fast.  It started on Wednesday when I woke up with a stomach flu.  No food for me.  I subsisted on tea and honey.  What a way to prepare for a fast.  Kil Nidre went by in a fog.  I sat the whole time since I didn't have much strength at that point.  Fortunately, a 12 hour nap brought me back to full strength and the rest of the fast went fast.   No headache this year, which I can either attribute to not eating the day before, or to having new reading glasses.  Your guess is as good as mine.

I am a bit worried about all the seminary girls this year.  We had a virtual flood of girls pre and port Rosh Hashana, but now, we have no-one.  So, what gives?  I think that the girls just forgot that there were soooo many holiday's back to back.  I am expecting some desperate calls in the next few days.

Last shabbat, we had a dairy meal for Shabbat lunch.  We liked it so much that I'm going to try a dairy meal for dinner tonight and a traditional meal for lunch.  I love beer-battered, deep fried food.  We'll do that again tonight.  If I time it right, the food should still be crispy!

No guests for dinner, and one of our good friends for lunch.  It should be a quiet weekend!  Given the financial turmoil, I think we deserve some quiet before the storm of reality hits.

Dinner - 8
Broccoli Soup
Beer Batter Deep Fried Cod
Onion Rings
French Fries
Rice (with Garlic Butter)

Lunch - 14
Meatballs and Spaghetti
Roast Chicken
Meat Roll


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