Sukkot Part 1

Its yet another Friday (actually, its Monday), and we are preparing for Shabbat (actually, the first day of Sukkot). �Let's try that again.

Its Monday and we are preparing for the first day of Sukkot. �As I mentioned in a previous post, we have no company staying with us. �That's probably a good thing this time, because we are dealing with our house. �We built our house 10 years ago, and its furnishings are almost all from that time. �Did you know that most household appliances have a 10 year lifetime! �So, that means that a lot of our stuff is falling apart. �The plastic parts of our refrigerator are breaking or broken. � Our standalone freezer stopped freezing Erev Shabbat. �Our washing machine broke. �Our dryer has been broken for almost two years. �My wife refuses to use it,�preferring�to rely on the Sun. Although we know its broken, she will not make the effort to fix it. � Its just that time of year and we need to either get things fixed or replace them.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the line of repair men who have arrived on time to fix the assorted problems. �Service is MUCH better than when we arrived in Israel 14 years ago.

Sukkot is one of our "regular" events. �We have standard guests for the first night and for the first day's lunch. � In many ways it is nice to have regulars, because you know what they like and there are almost no surprises. � We look forward to spending time with our friends during the holiday.

The local high school has a fund-raiser where people donate a prepare dish. �The community then bids on the each dish and the winning money goes to the school. � We have participated for many years, with pretty much the same dishes each year. �I make my Cajun Chicken and Asaf makes garlic green beans. � On the auction side, we didn't do so well this year. �The major win was cheese stuffed�cannoli, which will probably be eaten as a snack before the holiday begins.

Our menu should be fun. �As usual, we made too much food, but as our freezer is dying, we needed to use up as much of the perishables as possible.

On a happy note, this is my #5 son's birthday. �12 years ago, he arrived just in time for the holiday. �Our tradition is to make the birthday boy's favorite food. �For him, that means hot-dogs.

Sukkot 5769
Dinner - 16
Hot Dogs
Curry Chicken and Zucchini
Garlic Green beans

Lunch - 12
Cajun Chicken
Honey Mustard glazed roast chicken
Shipudim (grilled chicken on skewers)
Israeli Salad
Couscous (prepared fresh)


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