Kidney Update #2

We continue on the path to a kidney transplant for my son.  Before I get to our story, you might like to read this one.  It was written in 2001 and things have indeed changed for the better.  Yet,  our own experiences show that there is still an issue.  My son's nephrologist has been particularly unhelpful with suggestions or help about transplants.  He told us to find a transplant, but did not suggest how to do it.  It was up to us to find a donor.  With thanks to God, we were able to find a number of potential altruistic donors in our community.  As one of our potential donors said: "Our community is a very large, very warm family".  So, back to our story.

This week, we had our first appointment at hospital with the transplant ward.  We came with my son and two donors.

I have had the opportunity (good or otherwise) to visit a number of hospitals in Israel.  Beilinson hospital is the main transplant center in Israel.  It feels new and clean.  The doctors in the ward are very professional.  We were warned that they could be very nasty, but our experiences so far are all positive.

After taking blood from all three people (my son and the two donors), we met with the transplant centers nephrologist.  During our interviews, one of our donors was told that she should not donate.  She is healthy and fine, but one of her children has a deformed kidney.  That's not a problem in itself, but because there is some very slight chance that the child might need a kidney later in life, our donor was asked to withdraw.

The other donor is a family friend and so far, all the matches are positive.  The tissue testing results were compatible and so our next step is to begin the legal procedures. In Israel, that means talking with social workers and psychologists, waiting for the legally imposed delay and then getting permission from the Ministry of Health's donor committee.  The delay is to give the donor time to think about their options.  The committee is tasked with making sure that there is no coercion or payments involved in the transplant.

Next week, we will meet with the social worker and psychologist.  We have been told that the process will take 2-3 months.

Please keep Asaf Dror Ben Leiah Shulamit in your prayers


SuperRaizy said…
We're keeping our fingers crossed for you.

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