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Each person has their own ways of dealing with their problems.  When I get sick, I want to be in a quiet, warm place until I feel better.   When I start to feel better, I want company.  Like our forefather Avraham, having company makes me feel whole.  (this assumes that I am healthy enough for company.  I may be righteous, but I'm not stupid ;-).

My wife is wonderful.  She knew what would make me feel better, and she accepted requests from five guests to stay over for Shabbat.  She also invited a local family for lunch!  I was a little overwhelmed, but there really is no difference between 1 guest and 5.

Today (Friday) is the first day that I'm feeling almost normal.   I still have a little tightness from the surgery and I'm definitely favoring my side.  But, I was able to cook up a storm.  As I looked on my handiwork this afternoon, I felt very good.  We start with raw materials and make something appetizing and healthy!  What could be a better parable for recovering from an illness.

I'm trying out some new ideas this shabbat.  I was perusing Mark Bittman's "The Best recipes in the World", and decided to give some of them a try.

Dinner - 12
Caldo Cantina Soup - plain chicken stock with raw tomatoes, onion, cilantro, pepper and chicken.
Apricot Chicken - Sweet Sautéed Chicken
Pot Stickers - Asian ground chicken and cabbage wrapped in thin philo dough
Garlic Green Beans

Lunch - 19
Pot Pie - leftover turkey is wonderful!
Kol Dulce Con Karne - Beef and cabbage
BBQ Chicken Cutlets
Herb Stuffing - the secret is in the fat content (the more the merrier)
Israeli Salad


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